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Pool Session Numbers Fairly Steady - but Stilll Need to Book!

August 2016

Pool sessions seem to be reasonably uniformly supported at present.  But it is still necessary to book, so that we can double-check that numbers are OK and also so that we can bring enough equipment/boats of the right size for those planning to attend.

  • We ask members to let us know - preferably by the Friday evening before each session - if they intend to  come to the session.  This way we can cancel the session if too few people are interested, ensure that at the other extreme there is no overcrowding, and make sure that we have sufficient coaches to run the session effectively.
  • We would ask any potential newcomers/new members to let us know they would like to come along to a particular pool session. That way, we can make sure that we can give you a fair amount of personal attention on your first visit.
  • It would be appreciated if existing members/visitors could similarly let us know before bringing friends or relations along to a pool session. 
  • Indoor pool sessions are good for beginners and for those learning to roll.  Particularly if it is crowded, they are less good for learning other 'in-boat' paddling skills.  If you are an existing member and do not fall into one of the two categories mentioned, could you please consider whether you might learn more by coming to the Saturday morning Cross-Stream Challenge sessions as well as - or even instead of - the pool.


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