Dart Loop 13 December 2009

On 13th December 2009 eight members of SVCC travelled to meet at Newbridge car park for a run of the Dart Loop where levels were a couple of inches below the base of the slab ie fairly low.

Dart Loop 2009 Participants

We started by running down to the play wave 50m below Newbridge where members started the days play.


Dart Loop 2009 DaveP Surf Wave

Gwillym started the swim score on the first sharp right hand bend when underwater rocks removed him from his paddle and prevented him from rolling.

We then continued an excellent run through the Washing Machine, on into Lover's Leap and down to the Triple where lunch was in order.

After lunch we continued on down past the Spin Dryer, through the Anvil and down towards Holne Weir.

Here both Jeff and Andy ruined their previously dry runs at Holne weir performing various unintended although impressive acrobatics before being munched by the stopper at the base of the weir - both needing to depart their boats.

We then continued down to Buckfastleigh for a get out just before sunset and a well earned beer at the Dart Country Park.

Gwillym wins the booby prize this trip with two swims. Closely followed by Jeff and Andy with one each with a clean run for the two Daves, Hedley and Will.

A special thanks goes to Geoff Tucker for photography and video this trip, and to Dave Thomas who made it all happen.