Dart 'Loop' - 28/03/10

The original plan was to visit the Barle, but Exmoor appeared to misss out on rain during the few days preceding so Dave T, Dave P, Geoff and Jo (our honorary member from Swansea) decided to visit the Dart 'Loop' instead.

There was adequate - if not plentiful - water (2 - 3 inches below the ledge), and it was nice to have the river pretty much to ourselves.  Geoff made further valiant efforts to defend his club 'swimmer of the year' title, but still managed a clean and stylish run down Triple Drop - what a pity the camera decided on that moment to play up, after working fine for the others in the group!!



The wave at Spindrier provided some good play opportunities, with 'thrills'





and the occasional 'spill'


A very pleasant trip was rounded off with refreshment at the excellent 'Tavistock Inn'.