Dart Loop 28th November 2010

On an extremely cold day (-4 degrees C) a mixed ability group from SVCC and Thameswey CC met at Newbridge car park for a trip on the Dart Loop.


The water level was rather low given the freezing conditions, and we paddled on down river with the less experienced paddlers portaging the harder grade 3 rapids at Washing Machine, Lovers Leap and Triple Falls.

The Dart

Even thought the sun came out for a while this was a cold trip, staying below freezing throughout.

Eventually we came to Holne Weir, and this time this was run successfully by all those who attempted it. Jeff laying to rest his previous munching at the hands of said weir.

Carrying on down to the Country Park where we got out, opportunity for rolling practice was taken by Jeff and Dave in the freezing cold water.

Time then for a well deserved pint at the pub!