Lower Tavy 24 January 2010

On 24 January 2010 members of Stroud Valley Canoe Club travelled to Tavistock to run the section of the Tavy down to Denham Bridge with levels that relatively low.


This turned out to be a fantastic day, although most of us were scraping at points on the run although, given the lowness of the levels, it proved to be an excellent technical run through fantastic Dartmoor scenery.

Despite being chief honcho for this run, Hedley opened the swim score, however we unfortunately didn't have the video running, and also he was testing a rapid before anyone else so did a grand job of demonstrating his self rescue skills.

We all really enjoyed the seemingly never ending grade 2+ rapids before stopping for a well earned lunch, where Dave played the "forget the flask" game.

Hedley and Geoff tied in the swim stakes at two each, closely followed by Jeff at one, with clean runs for Dave, Andy, Jonny and Will.

A big thanks to Dave for organising, Hedley for leading, to Geoff and Jonny for video footage, and lastly to my mum(s) for buying me a waterproof camera for Christmas.