Lower Tryweryn 03 April 2010

On 3rd April three members of SVCC travelled up to Canolfan Tryweryn to run the Lower Tryweryn, joining club members Paul and Sue who were already on site, and club associate Jo.

Today's dam release was 10 cumecs giving a slightly faster/bigger than usual trip.

Participants 2

This time we started just above Chapel Falls, with all running it except Sue, who was our open boater for this trip.

Chapel Falls is a drop of around five feet with a stopper on river right that can be rather retentive, as other members of SVCC can testify. On his occasion it was run without incident, maybe with the larger flow through helping.

After Chapel we proceeded on downriver through the many grade 2 and occasional grade 3 rapids that make this river such a great trip, with Will demonstrating his rolling ability in the largest grade 3 section.

Our first stop to play was under a bridge with a diagonal wave great for practising ferry gliding.

First casualty of the day was Jeff, who hit a rock and capsized in a shallow grade 2 section midway down the run and was unable to setup his roll in the foot deep water. He redeemed this later down the section with a roll back up in a bouldery section just after lunch.

Carrying on downriver without incident we finally came to the ubiquitous Bala Mill Falls. This was run by Will, Dave, Jeff and Paul, all successfully.

Paul on Bala Mill 1

Well done Will for running his first grade 4 rapid.

Lastly despite having successfully completed the Bala Mills Falls rapid, Jeff capsized again in a wave train just before the get out letting go of his paddle. Despite retrieving it and attempting three rolls with a misorientated paddle, he bailed out upping his swim count to two, much to the mirth of the other participants.

Final swim score for the trip- Jeff two, everyone else nil!