Wye Llangurig - Rhayader November 22 2009

First of all apologies for the lack of photos pending the acquisition of a waterproof digital camera.

Seven members of SVCC ran the Upper Wye from Llangurig to Rhayader on Sunday 22nd November lead by Dave Thomas. On a very rainy and squally day with winds up to 70mph we set off down the river from Llangurig at around 11am.

This is a fabulous run with the first couple of miles at grade 1/2 providing a very pleasant warm up.

On arriving at the first grade 3 rapid we were surprised to find on inspection a large tree in the main chute, however with care this was avoidable so all group members successfully ran this.

The river continues on down through a number of superb grade 3 rapids until reaching the confluence with the Marteg. Given the frequent torrential rain showers this was joining at some pace and changed the character of the river to fast flowing with many standing waves.

The end of the run in Rhayader is marked by Town Falls, arguably a grade 4 in such high water. Just above Jeff collided with another group member and ended up out of his boat heading for the stopper under the town bridge. He managed to swim onto the rock ledge under the bridge having discovered both contact lenses were still swimming. Apparently spectators on the bridge were wondering where he had disappeared to!

Everyone ran town falls successfully, except Dave (trying too late to catch up on swim score with Jeff and Hedley) and we got off the water at 4pm.

Jeff and Hedley provided the most entertainment for the group with a tied swim score of two.

An amazing trip and our thanks go to Dave for organising this.